Ring Veteran!

Ring Veteran

Ring Veteran

So this is what I’ve been working on over the last 5-6 months – Ring Veteran. We launched our kickstarter a few days ago so if you are interested in playing the most competitive wrestling game ever made be sure to check it out and pledge (if you believe!)

Ring Veteran is being made with Unity3D. We have learned so much over the course of development so far and we still have leagues to go but we are extremely determined and believe the hardest part is now behind us!
We have also recently hired an awesome artist and you can see his fabulous talents already come to life on this header image and the first cards you can view on either the kickstarter page or at Ringveteran.com.

Alpha launch (February 14th) is approaching fast and we couldn’t be more exited to have actual players come in and get their first expressions of everything.

We truly appreciate all of your support. And remember, every little bit counts 😉

PS. I’ll be posting a small update for the TCP/IP Socket Connections as soon as I get the time to write it up for you guys!

2 thoughts on “Ring Veteran!

  1. So excited for you, and happy to be a backer! Best of luck!

    Liked by 1 person

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