The Blog is moving!

moving-boxesSo I’ve had this thought for a while. It’s been quiet here lately due to other things like work and kids and gaming taking up most of my time but I figured it’s time.

So the blog is officially moved over to 

You can easily subscribe there to keep following the blog for new stuff.

I will not remove any posts from this blog just yet, most of tutorials are making a way over to the new domain and I will be removing them eventually.

Thanks for the support guys ❤



Been a bit busy :)

I apologize to everyone that’s been following my blog and waiting for new posts. It’s been an extremely busy summer, in a good way. Moving was part of it and now with the new school year starting for my son I’ve been a little preoccupied with that too. Just wanted to post a small update.
I just recently finished writing my first piece of software in Unity. It’s a POS (point-of-sale) terminal that is linked with our CMS (content management system) on our clients website. It was a really fun project and a great learning experience for me personally. We do plan on showcasing it on our website when we get around to doing that at some point so I’ll defo post a link once that’s done.
I wrote a printing plugin for Unity for printing labels/receipts as Unity doesn’t internally support this so I’ll write a little explanation on how I did that and share my code with you soon.

I’m also currently having fun with 3D modeling again on my free time so be sure to expect something from that front as well.

Thanks for reading!

Unity3D: Flipping a Texture

So today, we were trying to horizontally flip a texture to be used within GUI. There is no option to flip a texture via the inspector so we had to do this through our script.

Here’s the little function we used for this, it’s in unityscript but can very easily be converted to C# by just changing how variables are declared. This can also be adjusted to flip things vertically.

function FlipTexture(orig:Texture2D):Texture2D {
var flip:Texture2D = new Texture2D(orig.width,orig.height);
var xN:int = orig.width;
var yN:int = orig.height;

for(var i:int=0; i < xN; i++) {
for(var j:int=0; j < yN; j++) {
flip.SetPixel(xN-i-1, j, orig.GetPixel(i,j));

return flip;

Ring Veteran: Gameplay Update

Few days ago me and Stone recorded our first full gameplay video of Ring Veteran. Due to some exporting issues it took a little while so we were only finally able to get it out to you guys today. It was very fun to play the first real game.. and pretty much like the second full game I’ve played on Ring Veteran myself (I never thought I’d enjoy a wrestling TCG! but I did!). The video is quite long because we didn’t want to cut anything, so here it is!

Official Website
Our Kickstarter

Ring Veteran!

Ring Veteran

Ring Veteran

So this is what I’ve been working on over the last 5-6 months – Ring Veteran. We launched our kickstarter a few days ago so if you are interested in playing the most competitive wrestling game ever made be sure to check it out and pledge (if you believe!)

Ring Veteran is being made with Unity3D. We have learned so much over the course of development so far and we still have leagues to go but we are extremely determined and believe the hardest part is now behind us!
We have also recently hired an awesome artist and you can see his fabulous talents already come to life on this header image and the first cards you can view on either the kickstarter page or at

Alpha launch (February 14th) is approaching fast and we couldn’t be more exited to have actual players come in and get their first expressions of everything.

We truly appreciate all of your support. And remember, every little bit counts 😉

PS. I’ll be posting a small update for the TCP/IP Socket Connections as soon as I get the time to write it up for you guys!

First post: who, what, where, when and why.

Coffee is your best friend!

I swear coffee is one of your best friends when (starting) coding. I work for SD Solutions and have been coding for many years now, mostly just developing websites, so your standard html, css, php, mysql  and javascript/jquery. A few years ago I decided to dabble with C++ for game development purposes and it was much fun! The learning was cut short due to my workload and  a new baby on the way. I also learned 3D modeling with the awesome Blender and did it professionally for some time until I had to take over management of SD Solutions and therefore my main focus shifted to web development. As much as I love my job, I’ve always been and probably will be a true gamer at heart. This is what pushed me to learn C++, I love to know how things get made so it was no different when it comes to games. These days I don’t have much time to play anything, I’d much rather write games myself. So that brought me back to the game developed by SD Solutions, SynamicD. SynamicD is a digital wrestling themed TGC.

So after getting my toes wet with getting involved with SynamicD, I didn’t wanna stop there. So I found Unity3D which is a 3D game engine. It’s pretty neat and although it seems somewhat limited at first to what it can do, there are workarounds for everything. I decided to learn Unity because of my timelimit, even though I looked into C++ again and some open-source render engines like Ogre3D (I might possibly go back to this at some point when/if I have more free time on my hands).

Getting Started with Unity

So when I first downloaded Unity, I wasn’t sure where to start. Like with any new program, I was quite overwhelmed with all of it. I was just playing around and following some tutorials I Googled for. Then one day I noticed software called GTGD was on sale on Steam. The screenshot of it looked like Unity, so I clicked on it, and it was! GTGD is a nice set of tutorials for people just getting started with the program. It teaches you how to make an FPS game, with rocketlaunchers, particle weapons, minecraft-like destroyable building blocks and many other things. I have to say I learned so much when following this tutorial. I even bought the sequel to it, though I haven’t got around to checking it out yet (The prices really are superlow for the good start you’ll get). So there started my road to really getting familiar with Unity.. along the way I’ve ran into several problems and this is what lead me to starting this blog. I figured other people out there could probably use help with the things we’ve tackled, the issues we’re ran into while doing it, and the solutions we came up with (and by we I mean myself and a co-worker of mine, I can’t take all the credit ;)).